Fine Art Prints

All of my images are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and media and I would be pleased to discuss any and all options with you.  I print on archival media using the best inks in high-resolution for outstanding Giclee archival prints up to 17″ x 22″, anything larger or in a different medium can easily be handled by a local print shop with the same high quality process.  Prices listed below are for local delivery and pickup.  Prices for non-local delivery available upon request.

5×7 print matted – $35.00 / 5×7 print framed – $50.00

8×10 print matted – $45.00 / 8×10 print framed – $85.00

11×14 print matted – $65.00 / 11×14 print framed – $115.00

12x 18 print matted – $90.00 / 12×18 print framed – $140.00

12×18 print Canvas – $150.00 / 12 x 18 print Canvas framed – $175.00

16×20 print matted – $100.00 / 16×20 print framed $175.00

17×22 print matted $125.00 /17×22 framed $200.00

2024 Birds of Ontario Calendar – $25.00 – available now

Blank Note Cards – $5.00 each 

Digital Photography Workshops

Today’s digital cameras are very sophisticated and each new model adds more features helping the user to capture better photos.   However, conversations with my clients, customers and passersby at the market and art shows reveals a great number of them are still relying on the ‘auto’ mode (often represented as a green square on a camera dial) to take photographs.  Quite simply the auto mode removes any guesswork and creativity from the photographic process.  If you are a beginning photographer or have a desire to have more creative control over your camera settings, then this workshop is for you.

The Exposure Triangle – Your Guide to More Creative Photographs

This workshop focuses on how each of the three elements of the exposure triangle contribute to your final image in Auto, Semi-auto and Manual settings.  Field trips are optional and would be on a separate day.

Bird Photography Techniques

Capturing images of birds was my first photographic passion and I never tire of trying to capture new images of familiar feathered friends or pursuing those on my nemesis list.  I have learned many successful techniques over the past few years and I am offering to share them with you through a dedicated workshop.

This workshop focuses on preferred camera settings, specialized gear as well as taking advantage of whatever Mother Nature provides.  Field trip included on a separate day.

Night Sky Photography Techniques

The night sky is a new interest of mine and I am excited to help you take images of our glorious heavens including the moon,  the milky way and light painting.

This workshop focuses on preferred camera settings and includes a field trip.

Photo Tours

Capture the birds, wildflowers, insects and unique landscape of the Carden Alvar or area of your choosing with myself. Participants of all levels will hone their photography skills through formal instruction and one-on-one direction in the field.

Photography Presentations

My newest presentation is titled Photographing the Night Sky The process I use including Gear, Prep and setup, Settings, Composition and Post-processing in Lightroom, Topaz DeNoise and Topaz Sharpen. Subjects include the obvious objects such as the Milky Way and the Moon but also not so obvious subjects such, Constellations/Planets, Star trails, Silhouetted Objects, Rare celestial objects and events.

The Diverse Passion of Photography.  The hobby of photography (some would say obsession) allows me to explore a variety of subject matter, each one presenting different techniques and challenges.  This presentation provides me the opportunity to relate the backstory and planning for a variety of images in four categories, landscape/nightscape, flowers, animals and birds.

Photographic Journey through the SeasonsAs the title suggests, photographs from each of the 4 seasons.

On a Wing and a Prayer – Capturing Images of Birds – I explore the principles and techniques I use that help me capture the best pictures I can.  This presentation is all about birds.

Feather and Fur – Capturing Images of Wildlife – I explore the principles and techniques I use that help me capture the best pictures I can.  This presentation includes birds and animals.

Keeping Your Data SafePart of Your Digital Workflow – The process I use to keep my data backed up.


If you are interested in any of these services or need more detail, please send me an email or use this contact form.

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