Blue on Yellow!

When I visited the sunflower farm last week, my intention was to capture images of the beautiful sunflowers. As I explored different angles and positions of various single blossoms I could hear the unmistakable call of the Indigo Bunting.

I couldn’t believe my luck! There he was, 50 yards or so right in front of me perched on a sunflower blossom singing his little heart out.

I was only equipped with my portrait-type and wide angle lenses but at the last second I did pack my 100-400 but it was in the car. A quick trip resolved that issue and now all I had to do was wait and wait I did.

It perched all around me sometimes in sight but most often behind another sunflower or very far away. We played hide and seek over the next 90 minutes and I found that when I changed lenses to take pictures of the sunflowers, he would invariably tease me with his presence.

In the end I was counting my blessings since I knew I had at least a couple of keepers.


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