Prairie Rattlesnake

  • Birds

Prairie Rattlesnake We found this Prairie Rattlesnake along a trail in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. We alerted a family with small children of its presence and it was wonderful…

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Canada Jay

When I lived in Wawa in the mid-seventies, winter days were spent ice fishing and always included hot dogs roasted over a campfire. That is my first memory of ever…

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Shooting the Milky Way

Milky way selfie - Bruce Peninsula I had recent request about tips on shooting night skies in particular the Milky Way so here is a condensed version that I have…

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Quick decisions

Black-capped Chickadee We enjoy watching the Black-capped Chickadees as they visit our feeders. They have a choice of 5 feeders so it is hard to predict which ones they will…

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